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Welcome To LionStrong Engineering And Trading PLC

LionStrong Engineering And Trading PLC is established on 2015 with the aim of manufacturing advertisement equipment that are economical, environmental friendly and multi-purpose use.

Environmental friendly

With our creative designs and magnificent manufacturing skill, we keep provide our customers more environmental friendly products.


Modern easy to use

Well, who doesn't want to use a remote controller to open doors and a phone to start the TV. We at Lionstrong think we can gear up something to be usable for other thing


Huge Projects

With our short time experience and skill developed through mega projects we are working on very big projects. Like CPG (Clean Plus Green) , To help clean the city with creative solutions.



CPG products are one of our witness. They have been serving the public with great seccess for about a year now and this shows the very well functionality of our products.


What They Said About Us

Its a very good idea, advertising while supporting the public. With a very affordable price
Ato Aga: Jorka Entertainment
After i used the products for advertising and reach very largr number of customers my business is boosting fast.
W/ro Firehiwot : The Cellr Wine Bar

The  sponsoring company will be beneficiary in several ways: One will be placing advertising in outdoor public areas which will provide an opportunity to be where the targets are by transmitting messages both by graphical and audio. Unlike other advertising methods CPG signs are serving the public by keeping the enviroment clean and by providing light to the streets during night hours.

Clean Plus Green Advertising (CPG)

Clean Plus Green waste bin sign (CPG) is a combined waste bin/display product made to accomplish the dual purpose of waste disposal Bin as well as display information on LED back-lit screen powered by solar panel. CPG is an outstandingly different product that will advance the advertisement sector like never before by serving the public. And here are some of the reasons that will make the product effective

  • Eye level close up view display area
  • Gives 24/7 hours service
  • Standalone power generation
  • Audio message transition system
  • Cost effective
  • Illuminates display area and walkway at night
  • clean, Well maintained and durable
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