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With CPG Advertising

Since the product is new it will generate big impressions so does the brand and product of the company.


Wide Area
for placing posters.

Eye level close-up view

The display area is at the eye level in close-up view that a detailed description of service and product could be displayed 24/7. Impression will add up while the products are arranged in a line.


Impressions per day

sub title

With LED lighting it illuminates during night time and that make the product one of the few which are visible and a single product will make an average of 2000 impressions per a single day.


Spporting Us
supporting the public

Rather than advertising

The sponsoring company is considered as supporting the public rather just advertising. The built in audio speakers will enable the sponsoring company to transmit catchy massages 24/7.


Why They Choosed CPG Advertising ?

CPG waste bin is an outstandingly different and exclusive product that will advance the advertisement sector like never before by serving the public. And here are some of the reasons that will make the product effective.

  • Clean, well maintained and durable
  • Illuminates display area and walkway at night
  • Has an eye level close-up view display area.
  • Give a 24/7 service
  • Standalone power generation
  • Adds value to walkways, stations and parks
  • Captures more audience than conventional methods of Ads
  • Transmits audio messages with spectacular look